Our Deep Roots

Sprayco Consumer Products was born in a company with a rich legacy. Our parent company, MJS Packaging, was founded in 1885 by Max Jacob.

In the early days, Max ran a one-man bottling business from the backyard of his home. Over the years, this grew to a leading rigid packaging distribution company that has weathered everything from the Great Depression to Prohibition to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In 1983, MJS Packaging saw an opportunity to diversify the business to focus on a new commodity, spray bottles. The launch of Sprayco Consumer Products gave the company the chance to partner with a new customer base, with the first being the former retail giant, Kmart.

In the decades since our inception, Sprayco has grown to be the leader in spray bottles and accessories, serving retailers in the grocery, drug, mass, discount, automotive and beauty sectors. With the addition of the Miamica® brand of trendy travel accessories in 2016, we expanded to include a complete portfolio of cut-and-sew accessories.  

We will continue to grow and evolve to serve the dynamic needs of our retail partners and increasing demands of today’s consumer.